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Sinopec JUSTAR J700F SN/GF-5 0W-20 Engine Oil is formulated with synthetic base oils and high-quality multifunctional additive technology. It provides excellent oxidation resistance and wear protection, ensures optimum engine performance.

Sinopec JUSTAR J700F SN/GF-5 0W-20 Engine Oil is suitable for use in:
   High-performance passenger cars, racing cars and coaches equipped with multi-valves, variable valve timing,turbochargers and direct-injection engines. Especially to provide lasting protection for the electronic controlled directinjection engine with turbocharger.
   Japanese cars, and cars which have special request for saving energy.

Features and benefits
   Excellent low temperature flow property, which can protects gasoline engines operating at low ambient temperatures.
   The formulation contains detergents and dispersants, which prevent the formation of sludge and deposits, keeping the engine clean and reducing energy loss due to frictional wear.
   Good oxidation stability prevents oil degradation at high temperatures, and extends oil service life.
   Outstanding corrosion resistance, protects the engine and extends its life.
   Excellent antiwear properties prevent engine wear.
   Good elastomer compatibility ensures longer gasket and seal life, and prevents oil leakage.

   Ultralow viscosity which can reduce friction and fuel consumption.

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