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Human life is dependent on the mechanical and lubrication, our dream is made of the best product with your motor.
SINOPEC lubricant co., LTD., from the world top 500 China petrochemical, with "the Great Wall lubricating oil" model a popular brand in China, and with "SINOPEC" brand to the global market, the search for more extensive cooperation and service space.
Genes derived from space lubrication, service series of manned spacecraft "shenzhou" and the "chang e" series of lunar satellite experience, make we have cracked high-end technical strength lubrication problem in all walks of life, and high in iron, ocean large oil tankers classy can verify and show many fields. Sophisticated processing equipment, the global standards organization and the European and American industry association, as well as internationally accepted quality environmental protection and safety management system, our effort to create reliable lubrication products.

"In mind, more free." In the field of public life, we and the world's auto enterprises have established a fruitful cooperation in the field of automobile maintenance products, also have the product of a series of elaborate design are presented. And combustion engine lubricants, industrial gear oil, hydraulic oil, grease, antifreeze, brake fluid, liquid metal processing, bunker oil and lubricating oil additives such as 21 kinds of more than 2000 varieties of products, has been widely used in machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, electronics and other manufacturing areas, contribute to the development of society and economy.

"Timely response, fast delivery. Is our promise to customers. Global four hundred authoritative technical service engineers on standby to provide you with tailor-made lubrication service solution, 50 customer service specialist online at any time to answer all kinds of lubrication consulting, professional, thoughtful answer for you. Convenient Internet flagship store you easy to order products in all regions.

Company has been in mainland China, southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, Africa and so on more than 50 countries and regions with distribution network; In countries such as Singapore, the united Arab emirates, the United States and South Africa's main port with bunker oil supply center. The opening of a new lubricating oil production base in Singapore.

Looking forward to cooperation with you, for your service.
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