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Development Plan Sinopec lubricant company implement innovation-driven strategy, efforts to promote the development of the high-end market, actively support the development of Chinese manufacturing 2025 strategy, for the aerospace, high-speed rail, ocean shipping lubrication protection high-end industries, vigorously promote the robot, wind power, new applications such as food grade lubricants resin, striving for the development of China's manufacturing industry important supporters and participants. "Area" strategic planning according to the country, to speed up the pace of "going out", promoting the international influence of China petrochemical brand. Technology leads to stimulate industrial upgrading, take the lead to achieve the transformation of high end to the industry chain development. The Great Wall lubricating oil development strategy mainly has four strategies: scale development strategy, specialization strategy, brand development strategy, internationalization strategy. Four strategies to quality as a fundamental, in order to "leading technology, leading products" as the support strategy, throughout the course of strategy formulation and implementation. The Great Wall lubricating oil with the brand as the core business model is established. On the basis of quality and service, inside strong quality, outside the plastic image.The Great Wall lubricating oil continues to create leading technology and products leading enterprises, strengthening technical lead, advance technology and product constantly upgrading.Great Wall lubricating oil is further accelerated by the thorough transformation of the production to create a service-oriented enterprise, make Internet + new enterprises. The Great Wall lubricating oil promoting cooperation across the industry, promote the development of globalization of its own.

Research and development

Always adhere to the "behavior, preferring to" science and technology development, formed a significant characteristic formula technology research and application of the experimental study on the combination of science and technology development system. Successful development of a batch of covers the high-grade grease series of core technology with independent intellectual property rights of lubricating grease, and effectively utilize is obtained, which has many achievements won national and provincial awards;

To train and bring up a batch of bold exploration, innovation, and master the lubricating oil high technology research and development of knowledge talent and scientific research and management personnel. Three research center by the national laboratory qualification certification.

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