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Sinopec JUSTAR J700F Plus 0W-30 Engine Oil is formulated with fully synthetic base oils and an advanced high-quality multifunctional additive package to provide effective protection to both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. Specially designed to meet the requirements of ACEA C2 for light duty petrol or diesel engines in high performance cars and light vans with or without DPF or TWC.

Sinopec JUSTAR J700F Plus 0W-30 Engine Oil is suitable for use in:
   Automotive petrol and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends ACEA C2 0W-30 engine oil.
   Gasoline engines fitted with three-way catalytic convertors (TWC).
   Light duty diesel engines fitted with modern exhaust gas after-treatment systems, e.g. diesel particulate filters (DPF),diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR).
   High performance cars and light vans with diesel or gasoline engines designed to Euro V (ADR79/04) or Euro VI emissions regulations.

Features and benefits
   Combination of fully synthetic base oils and antioxidant and anti-wear additive package extends engine life even under high temperature operating conditions.
   Excellent detergent and dispersant properties reduce the formation of sludge and deposit, keep the engine clean and reduce component wear.
   Robust oil, resists degradation between oil changes and maintains optimum performance for longer.
   Enhanced fuel economy.

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