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As one of the city of connections, taxi long period running, exercise the condition is very complex, the engine lubrication greatly test is put forward. Great Wall vitara turbine oil and gas oil can full cycle for a long time is very full protection for cab engine, prolong the service life of the engine and oil change period, for taxi ensured the smooth and efficient operation.
Great Wall vitara JUSTAR series products have a "double high wear resistance, super clean, low temperature protection" three core capabilities, able to handle any under the conditions of lubrication problem. Great Wall vitara series of products with excellent quality to win the trust of the global mainstream car companies, loading and service station oil share 65% of car companies in China.
Great Wall gas engine oil series products with high efficient lubrication, clean a master role, fully meet the gas engine "3 tall one difficult" harsh working condition requirements, effectively prolong the service life of the engine.


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