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 Fully Synthetic AP-HD AntiMicro-Pitting Industrial Gear Oil
SINOPEC Fully synthetic AP-HD anti micro-pitting industrial gear oil can prevent gearboxes from micro-pitting in its operation process under extreme ambient temperature conditions such as in severe cold regions. Meanwhile, the product has performance of traditional heavy duty industrial gear oil, ensuring smoot operation of gear unit and prolonging its service life. It is especially suitable for the lubrication of the speed increasing gearbox of wind turbines. The product comprises several grades hsuch as 150, 220, 320, 460, 680 and 1000 according to its kinematic viscosity at 40ºC. The product has acquired the recognition of Flender, an internationally famous manufacturer of Industrial gearboxes.


      ♦ Unique performance of minor pitting resistance, effectively reducing risk of early damage of gear surface

      ♦ Adaptable to extreme ambient temperature conditions, ensuring normal startup and operation of gears

      ♦ Perfect bearing and anti-wear performance, reducing wear of steel-copper parts, and making unit operate as usual

      ♦ Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability performance, inhibiting formation of oxide, prolonging service life of oil

      ♦ Excellent anti-corrosion performance, preventing surface of steel-copper parts from corrosion even in condition of seawater

      ♦ Excellent water separation performance, providing conditions for even lubrication on surface of gears


      The product meets the following specifications:

      ♦ Q/SH303 503-2007

      ♦ AGMA 9005-E02 S

      ♦ DIN 51517 CLP-PAO

      ♦ Recommended product listed on Flender BA7300


      ♦  Suitable for lubrication of gearboxes in wind turbines, especially for gears of heavy duty, shock load as well as those under severe ambient temperature conditions

      ♦ Also suitable for lubrication of gears of equipment in industries such as steel, paper making, mining, power, cement and so on

Typical properties

Fully synthetic AP-HD anti micro-pitting industrial gear oil
ISO viscosity grade
Kinematic viscosity (40 ºC), mm2/s
Viscosity index
Pour point, ºC
Timken OK load, lb
Rust protection, seawater
No rust
FZG micro pitting tester test (FVA No.54), fail stage
Endurance test (GFT level)
high level

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