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SINOPEC Marine Cylinder Oil 50100 is blended by high-quality base oil and super performance additives. This unique formulation has been specifically developed for latest electronic injection engines, and especially it is suitable for the 2 stroke engine which is long stroke or under the operation of low speed sailing. It meets the requirement of the latest MAN two stroke engine.

   Excellent neutrality can protect the engine from the cold corrosion caused by long stroke or under load.
   Excellent viscosity-temperature behavior meets the requirements of latest generation engine designs operating at higher-pressure and higher-temperature.
   Excellent anti-wear performance reduces the friction and wear-off of metallic components and extends the life of engine parts.
   Excellent detergency and dispersancy prevent carbon deposits on cylinder ring groove and cylinder liner and ensure the cleanness of engine combustion chamber.
   Good diffusivity performance drives oil quickly reaching and spreading out over the cylinder surface to form oil films to reduced liner and ring wear-off.
   Excellent overall performance reduces the cylinder oil consumption.
   It can retrain the low temperature corrosion caused by low speed sailing.

Approval Information
   It is approved by MAN and MHI-MME.


   Fit for lubrication of marine low speed two stroke crosshead diesel engine cylinders using fuel oil with sulfur content more than 1.5%. It is the best choice of cylinder oil for the Mark 8 and newer engine of MAN. Especially it is suitable for the under load engine whose actual power is less than 60% of the rated power.

Marine Cylinder Oil 50100
SAE Grade 50
Viscosity@100°C, mm2/s 19.99
Viscosity Index 98
Flash Point (COC) , °C 258
Pour Point, °C -15
TBN, mgKOH/g 100.0

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