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Sinopec High Pressure Ashless Antiwear Hydraulic Oil L-HM is a line of premium quality antiwear lubricants blended using selected and highly refined high-quality mineral oils, combined with a non-zinc, ashless additive system and available in a wide viscosity range from ISO Grade 32 to 100. This line of oils has been designed to meet the very stringent requirements of the Denison T6H20C test, for use in high-pressure and double pumps (piston pump and vane pump).

Sinopec High Pressure Ashless Antiwear Hydraulic Oil L-HM is suitable for use in:
   Severe hydraulic applications, such as in vane pumps and/or piston pumps running under high-pressure conditions.
   High-precision hydraulic systems containing copper or silver components.
Caution: avoid mixing Sinopec High Pressure Ashless Antiwear Hydraulic Oil L-HM grades with non-ashless antiwear hydraulic oils as this may be detrimental to their performance.

Features and benefits
   The non-zinc, ashless antiwear additive system is non-corrosive to silver and yellow metal alloys, and so is fully compatible with hydraulic pumps containing either silver or copper components, thus prolonging pump life.
   High-quality base oils combined with ashless additive technology provide outstanding antiwear properties, rust protection, low deposit formation, good demulsibility, oxidation resistance, good antifoam properties and fast air release properties, to protect and extend the life of hydraulic pumps and systems.
   Good hydrolytic stability and filterability, ensure optimum product life and performance, and prevent filter blocking.
   High biscosity index gives good viscosity characteristics over a wide temperature range;the wide selection og viscosity grades ensures that the optimum viscosity can be used for any hydraulic system operating temperature.

   Fully conpatble with common seal materials usually found in hydraulic systems,to extend seal life and prevent fluid leakage.

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